Hi, I'm Rana

A transformative business advisor and founder, mother, and university professor dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale their dreams.

Your Skills + My Strategy
= Your Freedom

As an entrepreneurship strategist, my work is dedicated to helping successful women find their path from safety of the corporate world to the freedom of entrepreneurship.

It’s time to pursue the life of your dreams. You have the idea and passion. I have experience and expertise. Together, we will build your confidence and illuminate how to transform your dream into a flourishing business.

It won’t be easy. It shouldn’t be easy. But it will be rewarding. Will you join in making a profound difference?

You Want More.

You’ve already shown you can work hard on behalf of someone else’s dream. You already know how to win playing someone else’s game. You’re already successful in the eyes of the world.

But…you can’t ignore the feeling of wanting more.

What about your dreams? Are you winning the game of your life? What does it look like to be successful on your terms?

If you’re asking questions like these, you’re ready. You’re ready to go from corporate employee to entrepreneur. You’re ready to be your own boss, to choose your hours, to be the one who sets your pay scale (note: think big, then think much, much bigger).

You don’t have to have all the answers right now. You have the most important factor: you know the “why.” I’ll help you figure out the “how.”

Are We a Match?

Every time I help a client reach up and grab her highest potential, I rise too. This is the kind of partnership that changes lives and transforms the world.

Making a difference in my clients’ lives takes focus, dedication, and an investment of time and energy. For this reason, I don’t work with just anyone.

You should be picky about who you partner with too! Learn more about my organization and decide whether you think we can rise together.

Start, Grow,
& Scale your Dreams

What some people call pain points, we call opportunities. Every challenge is an opportunity to assess what is/isn’t working, to evolve and to grow. Wouldn’t you like it if someone could translate your pain points into power plays?

Our clients come to us seeking guidance on how to start, grow, and scale their dreams. No matter which program they choose, they’ll learn how to:

  • Create sustainable impact
  • Achieve market awareness
  • Reach higher level of engagement with their community
  • Attain or maintain growth during events like a pandemic and through markets shifts
  • Find new markets (whether clients, stakeholders, community, or partners)
  • Create or expand product or service offering
  • Adjust to the ever-changing new realities of consumer behavior
    And more!

Take Action Today.

Everyone has the right, and the responsibility, to grow. Don’t wait. Start today by putting our free tools to work for you.


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