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At Creative Minds, we are seasoned global marketing advisors dedicated to helping brands scale and succeed. Our strategic solutions in marketing, branding, and event management are designed to deliver measurable results.

With partners across the globe, we bring you cutting-edge marketing insights and tactics tailored to your unique needs.

Discover How We Can Transform Your Business


Our expert team crafts tailored marketing strategies to maximize your ROI and drive long-term success. With extensive experience engaging Millennials and Gen Z through new media platforms, we specialize in innovative business and marketing strategies that include market research, audience targeting, and brand messaging. Our expertise extends to analyzing consumer behavior, developing customer decision-making models, and mapping detailed customer journeys. Whether auditing and enhancing existing strategies or building new ones, we ensure all your marketing efforts are interconnected for optimal results.


Empowering Strategic Growth

what WE can do for you:

Embrace Marketing Automation

Drive Significant Growth

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Boost Brand Exposure

Adopt Data-Driven Strategy & Annual Plan

Improved customer retention & engagement

Eliminate Marketing Guesswork

Customer Behavior Insights

In-depth Competitor Analysis

Tailored Research Methodologies

Data-Driven Business Moves

Strategic Expansion Planning

Enhance Market Share

Predict Future Market Trends

Risk Mitigation



Unlocking Data-Driven Insights

Leverage cutting-edge market research conducted by a published academic researcher with global experience across non-profit, pharmaceutical, hospitality, education, and finance sectors. Our research aims to provide predictive insights into future market trends, analyze current market conditions to boost market share, and evaluate strategic moves for effective scaling and expansion. Our comprehensive approach ensures you gain actionable insights to make informed business decisions


Elevate your team's marketing and sales capabilities with our tailored workshops and seminars. Drawing on 14 years of being a marketing professor for the MBA program at top business schools in the USA and internationally, I excel in demystifying complex concepts for practical application. Each session combines my extensive academic insights with real-world experience, ensuring actionable learning. Topics range from digital marketing and branding to social media and sales strategies, all designed to enable your team to effectively manage their marketing and PR initiatives.

& Seminars

Cultivating Marketing Excellence

Self-Sufficiency in Marketing & PR

Boost Team Productivity & Efficiency

Expand Business Opportunities

Implement Effective Marketing Strategies

Build Marketing Confidence

Amplify Personal and Corporate Branding

Cultivate a Powerful Marketing Mindset


Enhance your event with engaging and inspiring keynote speeches from a three-time TEDx speaker. I have captivated audiences across the USA, Mexico, and the UK with dynamic presentations that not only enlighten but also motivate action. Specializing in marketing, resilience, and empowering working moms, my speeches deliver a powerful blend of practical insights and motivational energy, designed to provoke thought and inspire change. Each talk is crafted to resonate deeply, leaving audiences both inspired and equipped to take immediate action

Impactful Speaking

Inspiring Change and Innovation

Drive Thought Leadership

Elevate Conference Impact

Empower Working Parents

Foster Personal and Organizational Resilience

Broaden Marketing Acumen

Catalyze Professional Growth

Drive Actionable Change


Gain instant access to expert marketing guidance with our 2-hour one-on-one Marketing Q&A sessions. This service is designed for those who need quick, effective answers to their pressing marketing questions. Whether you're facing a specific challenge or just need broad marketing support, our sessions provide simplified, direct solutions and affordable access to deep industry knowledge. Perfect for decision-makers seeking to turn obstacles into opportunities and make informed strategic moves.

Instant Expertise On Demand

Accelerate Project Progress

Enhance Decision-Making

Adopt Informed Strategies

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Affordable Knowledge Access

Simplified Query Resolution

Instant Expert Guidance


H. Hughes

“Working with Rana was a complete joy! Knowing where to start and how to focus my effort was the hardest part. Rana has made a huge impact on my business and in my life. Her time is priceless, and I would highly recommend her!” 

Dalal Bakur

“No one can provide motivation and perseverance like Rana with her business acumen. Thank you for helping me grow.” 

Amanda Cook - Founder
The Teacher's Edge

“Rana made me feel like I had everything I needed inside. Instead of telling me generic suggestions, she looked at my materials and work and pinpointed where I could focus to see the biggest impact. She also reassured me that starting small was not only ok, but a better direction for my brand so that I could really listen to my people. I felt empowered and supported. I also felt like she was telling me the truth so I don’t waste my time and money on things that won’t bring me results. ” 

Amanda Cook - Founder
The Teacher's Edge

“If you have a lot of ideas and don’t have all of the resources you need yet, Rana will help you create the right pathway. Her brain is like a magical computer where you can input all of your thoughts and ideas and she will pull out the right system for achieving them. And she explains it in a way that you don’t have to have a marketing degree to understand.” 

Author, Global Motivational Speaker

“Rana reads my mind and sees the future! She helped me think outside the box” 

BAN FARIS - Manager International Students and Scholar
Arizona State University  

“When you work with Rana, you don't question her way. She always take you to the second level of education and knowledge. ” 

Kathleen A. Fairman, MA, PhD - Associate Professor
Midwestern University College of Pharmacy

“I have received many comments and thoughtful reflections about the meaning and impact of your presentation to the students” 

Shermeen El-Hakim - CEO

“If you want honest , straightforward and real strategies on being successful both on a professional level and a personal one in today’s world then definitely attend Rana's events .” 

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We love nothing more than generating great ideas and exceeding objectives!
We love our clients.
We love their missions.
And we show up every day delighted to advance their growth!

We get you. we've been there. we can help.

Discover How We Can Transform Your Business


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