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Growing up as a young girl in Lebanon, I observed the rebirth of industry as billboards and advertisements were erected after war. I daydreamed about billboard designers’ creative processes. What was the motivation behind a slogan, graphic and campaign? How effective was it? One could say I was a marketing enthusiast before I even knew what marketing was.

I knew I could translate my natural proclivity for marketing into a career.

That’s exactly what I did…

I was an owner of an advertising agency working for one of my favorite international clients. It felt like a dream. Until... I wanted to make more impact! 


It All Began with a Billboard

Defining Success on Your Terms

I believe in 'having it all'—a phrase we often hear, but do we believe it's truly achievable?

For me, 'having it all' isn't about adhering to society's expectations, or those set by our parents or partners. It's not about measuring success against others or striving for perfection in every endeavor.

To me, having it all means carving out your own path to happiness and success. It's about defining success on your own terms, finding joy in your unique journey, and fulfilling your personal and professional goals in a way that resonates deeply with who you are.

This philosophy drives everything I do and is at the core of how I help others find and achieve their version of having it all.


Rana is the founder of Creative Minds, a growth & marketing advisory firm, and host of the Women's Success Club Podcast.

As a results-focused business strategist, success coach, mother, global serial TEDx speaker, former Marketing Director at multinational organizations, university professor, and published academic researcher, Rana is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their dreams, and supporting organizations through research, advisory and science to create an impact and build big brands.

She has supported over two thousand clients and students with their business growth, and created a tested-framework for growing and scaling service businesses.

Rana hopes to be known for bringing a level of sparkle to entrepreneurship and teaching women to achieve their dreams.

Disclaimer: I have a Doctorate in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from France, and a Postgrad Diploma in Digital Business Transformation from USA!

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As a three-time TEDx speaker, I engage international audiences with inspiring, action-driven insights.


I’ve got a true love thing for sustainable results.


I'm radically resilient. My success formula is based on resilience, grit and flexibility.


I'm committed to women. I take every opportunity to invest in the empowerment and education of women worldwide.


Diversity is my jam. I celebrate diversity and thrive on working with people with different backgrounds and from cultures around the world.


I'm not for everyone. I partner with results-oriented, open-minded global thinkers.


BAN FARIS - Director International Students 

“When you work with Rana, you don't question her way. She always take you to the second level of education and knowledge. ” 

Author, Global Motivational Speaker

“Rana reads my mind and sees the future! She helped me think outside the box” 

H. Hughes

“Working with Rana was a complete joy! Knowing where to start and how to focus my effort was the hardest part. Rana has made a huge impact on my business and in my life. Her time is priceless, and I would highly recommend her!” 

Kathleen A. Fairman, MA, PhD - Associate Professor
Midwestern University College of Pharmacy

“I have received many comments and thoughtful reflections about the meaning and impact of your presentation to the students” 

Dalal Bakur

“No one can provide motivation and perseverance like Rana with her business acumen. Thank you for helping me grow.” 

Shermeen El-Hakim - CEO

“If you want honest , straightforward and real strategies on being successful both on a professional level and a personal one in today’s world then definitely attend Rana's events .” 

Amanda Cook - Founder
The Teacher's Edge

“Rana made me feel like I had everything I needed inside. Instead of telling me generic suggestions, she looked at my materials and work and pinpointed where I could focus to see the biggest impact. She also reassured me that starting small was not only ok, but a better direction for my brand so that I could really listen to my people. I felt empowered and supported. I also felt like she was telling me the truth so I don’t waste my time and money on things that won’t bring me results. ” 

Amanda Cook - Founder
The Teacher's Edge

“If you have a lot of ideas and don’t have all of the resources you need yet, Rana will help you create the right pathway. Her brain is like a magical computer where you can input all of your thoughts and ideas and she will pull out the right system for achieving them. And she explains it in a way that you don’t have to have a marketing degree to understand.” 

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