I'm Rana

A transformative business advisor and founder, mother, and university professor dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale their dreams.

You can have it all. I can have it all. The modern woman can have it all.

Like a buzzword, we all say it. But do we believe it’s possible?

I believe it. The women in my programs believe it after they learn how society’s definition of “having it all” is – well, all wrong.

Having it all doesn’t mean having what society or your parents or even your partner think you should have. It doesn’t mean comparing your life against the measuring stick of other women. It doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly or even any one thing perfectly.

Having it all is about finding and fulfilling your own purpose. It’s determining and dictating your own version of success that may not align at all with the world’s definition. It’s being ridiculously happy – on your terms.

So, let me introduce myself again.
I’m Rana, and I believe you can, should, and will have it all. That begins with developing confidence and backing it with a plan to move toward your dreams. Let’s get started.
It All Began with a Billboard

As a business advisor, I channel nearly 20 years of real world marketing experience, the latest in data driven business theory, and timeless creativity to coach my clients on how to produce sustainable, profitable results.

I’m often asked, “Why are you so obsessed with marketing?”

Growing up as a young girl in Lebanon, I observed the rebirth of industry as billboards and advertisements were erected after war. I daydreamed about billboard designers’ creative processes. What was the motivation behind a slogan, graphic and campaign? How effective was it? One could say I was a marketing enthusiast before I even knew what marketing was.

In my family, business was not a favorable major for women. When I chose a career in marketing, my parents pictured me selling gadgets door to door from a suitcase. Imagine their shock! I wouldn’t be dissuaded; I knew I could translate my natural proclivity for marketing into a career.

That’s exactly what I did…

Education | Qualifications

Earned Doctorate in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing and Consumer Decision-making Behavior from Grenoble Ecole de Management, a world renowned European business school

Completed Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business offered jointly by Columbia Business School and MIT Sloan

Instructs MBA students in both the United States and Lebanon

Launched and directed the first Pharmaceutical MBA program in the Middle East

Held several marketing positions

Founded Positive Creative Minds, a marketing agency

Experience with hands-on marketing in myriad industries, including higher education, NGOs, microfinancing, health and beauty, franchising, advertising/media, food and beverage, and hospitality

Created Ready, Set, Launch! and Ready, Set, Grow! to share years of global marketing success and proven strategies and empower women entrepreneurs

The Rana Way

I love that marketing consists of both creative freedom and fixed numbers.

I’ve never met a brand or industry that didn’t interest me.

I think globally, act locally, and invest wholeheartedly in my clients’ success.

Ready to join me? Reach out now.
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What You Get

Tenacity, ingenuity, and an inherent passion for all things marketing are the foundation of my own success and – most importantly – the success of my clients.

By enrolling in Ready, Set, Launch!, participants get the tools and step-by-step guidance to transition to entrepreneurship.

By enrolling in Ready, Set, Grow!, entrepreneurs learn how to create accelerated marketing systems that will increase their bottom line and set them up for sustainable profitability.

Growth is inevitable as these women collaborate with my all-woman team dedicated to empowering female executives and entrepreneurs.

The Team

My team’s enthusiasm for marketing is matched only by our knowhow. We love nothing more than digging into a new business idea, brand or industry and developing a strategy customized for the best potential outcome.

We believe in creativity over comfort.

We believe in connection over clickbait.

We believe in measuring success by results.

We’re ready to go to work for you! Sign up for your complimentary strategy intro call today.


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