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Build a Business Like a Monk

You know how when you focus on something, you start seeing it in everything around you? I obsess over adding value to my clients, and one way I do this is by introducing them to a holistic marketing perspective. So, when I began reading Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty, it was no surprise my brain started churning with ideas of how to apply his individual-focused principles to businesses and more specifically, holistic marketing.

Think Like a Monk is absolutely mind-blowing on a personal level, yet the more I read, the more I realized his concepts would generate or support a Holistic Marketing Strategy. 

Some people are put off by the term “holistic,” assuming it’s a softer approach focusing less on productivity and more on feeling good. In reality, having a holistic marketing approach ensures sustainable growth in a market that treats relationships as a prized commodity. 

Research shows 84% of a company’s market value today is represented by its intangible assets (brands, quality processes, relationships, etc.) compared to 1975 when it stood at only 17%. Holistic marketing has a place in the strategy of any business model! 

So let’s dig in and see how Jay Shetty’s monk-inspired principles could apply to your Holistic Marketing Strategy.

“Passion + Expertise + Usefulness = Dharma (your calling)”

  1. Get crystal clear on your identity. Ensure that you, your team, partners, and clients know exactly what you stand for, your values, and your mission. This will help you connect at a much deeper level with all of your stakeholders.
  2. Let go to grow. Let go of external definitions of success. Develop the key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your personal and business values and goals. Refer to these, not society’s ideals, when you measure your success.
  3. Jump! Reframe your subconscious messages to ensure they drive your dreams, instead of holding you back. If your dream is to write a book, take action now – as in today! – by writing the outline. The more you are in motion toward your dream, the more momentum you create, the more confidence you will feel, and the closer you will be to achieving your dreams.
  4. Be purpose-driven. Don’t build a business just because it’s lucrative. Don’t start a career just because it’s easy or expected. You have something unique to contribute to the world, whether it’s through your business or in your personal life. Define this purpose and dream big about the impact.
  5. Go all the way. When you do something, don’t give up halfway. When it comes to your company and your impact, good enough isn’t good enough. Obsess about your customers and not over your product. Obsess about adding value to your stakeholders and not over your profits. Obsess about the benefits of your offering.
  6. Give. Give, give, and give more! Give your customers free samples, worksheets or advice, and they will come back asking to buy the rest! The more you give, the more the perfect customers are pulled towards you!

“Train your mind to observe the forces that influence you, detach from illusion and false beliefs, and continually look for what motivates you and what feels meaningful.” 

– Jay Shetty

With love,


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