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Women X Success in The Digital World!

Last night, while working on a social media strategy for one of my clients, I jumped on TikTok to see the latest trends. My husband came to sit next to me, and we fell into the rabbit hole of accounts for parents who make fun of their teenage daughters.

While my husband was laughing, I started to worry after the third or fourth video.

In our technology-reliant world, we have access to endless information and media, but in pursuit of content, we are sometimes missing out on real life. We need to balance working and indulging on social media with living an authentic experience. This is how we discover (and create!) our true worth away from the number of followers and likes.

I use social media personally and professionally, so the pull to spend hours and hours online is strong. Here are 7 Steps to Giving Social Media Some Space:

1. Maintain some privacy. Yes, sharing 20 stories every day will get you a lot of engagement and likely increase your followers. But sharing so much has negative effects too. 

  •  Over-sharing takes away from your mystery, and that’s what everyone wants. Apple created substantial brand equity, because they were always unpredictable and created a lot of mystery about their next big idea! 
  •  It can dilute your brand. Sharing everything about anything makes you lose your niche. After all, they follow you because you are an expert in particular subject matter. Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that you remove your social media’s personal aspect. Just keep it balanced. I share my kids and personal life, but that takes only up to 20% of my content. The rest is on-brand.

2. Silence the noise. We check Instagram first thing in the morning and go to bed scrolling through social media. Our days turn out into putting out fires (or worse, zoning out while scrolling) rather than growing, because we didn’t get the chance to connect with ourselves. One shared secret among the super successful is to start the morning intentionally by visualizing your day and how it contributes to your short and long term goals.

3. Stay in your lane. When we are glued to social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. When we worry about being judged by others, we lose connection with our authentic selves. 

Yes, I do connect with other women in my industry but only to be inspired! I have to keep reminding myself to stay in my lane. This means I acknowledge that others’ successes don’t mean that I lost, and the way others run their business is not necessarily the best way for me. Success is whatever I define it to be for me!

I have clients from different backgrounds and industries, and we set a different set of KPIs for determining success because each one is building a unique type of business. Build your OWN dream, not somebody else’s.

4. Achieve confidence regardless of outside affirmation. Follow your own internal advisor and not what is trending. Kill that digital FOMO monster in your head; you don’t need to jump on the trend of every TikTok challenge! You really need to be serving your customers and growing your business, not just your “audience.”

5. Dictate your own values. Ask yourself, “Are my values visible in my posts? Don’t let your guiding lights be dimmed by the clutter out there.

6. Don’t consume more than you create. Start your day by picturing your dream life. Then, throughout the day, cross things off your to-do-list, brainstorm new ideas, contact new customers, pay off your bills… Make YOU, your tasks, and your dreams the priority before you start looking at what others did, liking their pictures, commenting on their posts and engaging in their discussions.

7. Finally, have real friends. Have authentic relationships with other superwomen who share the same values as you. Having 2M followers on social media doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have 10, 5, 3, or even 1 superwoman to connect with in your life. Entrepreneurship can be lonely!

Don’t become one of the masses, and don’t get distracted from your real purpose. The world needs YOU as you are!

With love,


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