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The Entrepreneur’s Christmas Gift List

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you’re shopping for one, it has to be said: we are a quirky bunch. Where some women might want a new purse, my fellow business owners and I are adding laptop stands and annual marketing software memberships to our wish lists!

As entrepreneurs, we must surround ourselves with people who empower us, and likewise, we should choose tools that inspire creativity, organize our workspaces and help us stay focused. This is especially true in a time of pandemic-enforced work/home life cohabitation!

In the spirit of the season of giving, I’m sharing my list of entrepreneur-worthy gifts!

10 Gifts to Inspire the Entrepreneur in Your Life

My favorite 10 items (still saving to get the Tonal!). They’re linked to make purchasing (or adding to wish lists) a breeze:

  1. Square Card Reader
  2. Canva membership
  3. Later membership
  4. Tonal Home Gym
  5. Portable Standing Desk
  6.  Pilot Pens
  7. Post It
  8. Nespresso Machine
  9. Vision Board
  10. Business Advisory Program

The one thing you can’t put in a cart or stocking is the support of family and friends. I hope you have people cheerleading your business endeavors all year round! You certainly have at least one – me!

May you be fueled by the joy of the season and the excitement for a new year. Warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season,


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