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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

Business owners, are you making a list and checking it twice? No, we’re not suggesting you take care of personal tasks on company time. We are talking about corporate gift giving. Are you doing it? More importantly, are you doing it well?

Hark! Advice is on the way that will help your gifts be the most memorable and meaningful of the season. Download the Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide for everything you need to know before you shop!

Still not convinced about sending a corporate gift? Keep reading.

First of all, why gift?

Should your company give gifts? The answer, for us, is a hard yes.

If sending a company gift feels like something out of the 1950s – great! Around the holidays especially, who doesn’t want an opportunity to fondly remember the simplicity and cordiality of the “good ole days?”

Most importantly, gift giving can accomplish two things for your company: it humanizes you and it creates a connection that isn’t about the bottom line or the next closed deal.

Connecting with people in a way that is about serving them, not selling them, is critical to forming long-lasting relationships. As we all know, relationships sell more widgets and services than any ad copy, year-end sale or convincing pitch ever did.

But before you hand off an old unchecked recipient list to an employee who will buy from the same tired gift list, consider that the gift you send is essentially a representative from your company.

Your gift speaks volumes about you and your company’s culture; what will yours say this year?

Choose the Right Gift

There are countless ways your gift can positively reflect your company’s and industry’s culture. Likewise, there are an equal number of ways to offend, overlook or displease your recipient. When shopping, consider both the organization receiving your gift and the actual people who may open/use it. Think about the following factors:

  • Religion or holiday practices, including Santa – Don’t make assumptions! It’s best to steer clear of faith-based gifts unless that’s the industry in which you and your recipient work.
  • The intimacy of your relationship – An inside joke may be funny to the sales rep you work with, but inappropriate for the organization as a whole.
  • Alcohol – Educate yourself on the organization’s policies about alcohol and do your best to ensure no one receiving the boozy gift will be uncomfortable with opening it.
  • Culture of the recipient company/person – Would a health coach like to receive a sugar filled snack? Not likely. Be mindful of the mission and culture of the company or individual. Don’t be like Uncle Bill who always gets you a pair of itchy wool socks – even though you live in Florida.
  • Potential allergies – Since you don’t know who will open the gift, refrain from sending anything that could cause a serious reaction.
  • Your company culture – This is where gift giving can get really fun. Are you known for having a goofy, laid back culture? Maybe a desktop foosball table would be fun. Is your organization serious and refined? Perhaps send a classy coffee table book.

Consider the rules, spoken and unspoken, of your industry. Think about what you know about the organization and people receiving your gift. If you don’t know enough to pick something they’ll truly appreciate, air on the side of caution and get something simple.

Also, if you picked a gift for a special reason, feel free to include a note in the card elaborating on it. A good story or thoughtful reason for gifting will create a lasting, positive memory.

Who’s on your list?

The Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide gives clear methods for chooseingthe people and organizations who should be on your corporate gift list. (What we say may surprise you.) It’s critical to review your list every year. This not only saves you money by removing old recipients; it is a great reminder of all the people who contribute to your organization’s success. Nobody succeeds in a vacuum, and yet it’s easy to forget how much help we get along the way.

Get Busy Gifting!

At the end of the day (and holiday season), the important thing is that your gift recipients know you value them and their contributions to your organization.

Download our Gift Guide to make sure you’re sending the right gift at the right time to the right people. We also include important gift giving etiquettebudgeting advice, and gift ideas. When we say it’s the ultimate guide, we aren’t kidding!

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