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Build a Business Like a Monk

You know how when you focus on something, you start seeing it in everything around you? I obsess over adding value to my clients, and one way I do this
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Women X Success in The Digital World!

Last night, while working on a social media strategy for one of my clients, I jumped on TikTok to see the latest trends. My husband came to sit next to
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The Entrepreneur’s Christmas Gift List

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you’re shopping for one, it has to be said: we are a quirky bunch. Where some women might want a new purse, my fellow
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Untamed: A Call to Yourself

“Fake it ‘til you make it.” That was the advice from one of my mentors when I first moved to Arizona and found myself overwhelmed with having to start from
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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

Business owners, are you making a list and checking it twice? No, we’re not suggesting you take care of personal tasks on company time. We are talking about corporate gift
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Turning Adversity into Empowerment

The events that completely change the direction of our lives aren’t always happy ones. Certainly marriage or the birth of a child or a promotion can be life-altering. But the
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